Cars Are Now Prone to the Threat of Hackers These Days!

Recently, an alarming fact was unfolded by hackers. Very few of us know that our cars are none less than computers, and now they are connected to the network as well. The threat of being clawed by hackers is the biggest issue these days. Now, car makers have highlighted few facts that are present in modern cars, which raise a greater level of security risk warning.

  • The numerous minute microchips or computers that control your steering, brakes, and acceleration are really foolish; they hardly authenticate the command that they receive. It means they can’t identify whether the owner is sending them the message or it’s from an outsider.
  • Most of the cars’ controls are conventional that can be easily manipulated.
  • Most of the machineries are connected to central connecting hub, and if the same is tapped, then it becomes very easy to invade the total network.

As per a researcher at security firm Disrupt6- Mr. Joe Klein, the internal parts and protocols are never meant to be inter-connected. As per experts, a modern car is in line with 100 million lines of codes. Ed Adams, one of the researchers at security innovation said that the car software is not up to mark like any bank software or any Microsoft tool; they are just traditional and outdated.

A drastic nightmare can be like the hackers tampering your braking and intruding into the entertainment network system. Last year, some security technicians named Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek demonstrated the process to steal the total control of the car by connecting the laptop to the dash board.

Recently, car malware programs are flourishing in the grey market like anything. Now, the sophisticated dashboard system is designed to be operated like tablets are inbuilt with attractive apps. But, the question is that if the car’s internal parts are prone to being hacked then isn’t downloading the apps likely to be fatal to your privacy? Harman, the Bluetooth manufacturer for Hyundai, BMW, and Mercedes, is now designing a separate layer of security that keeps the entertainment system separated from the internal circuitry of the vehicle.

Continental, the tires and spare part manufacturer, is now signing a deal with Cisco and IBM to design sophisticated firewalls for the cars that keeps the vehicles secured at high level. Manufacturers like Ford and Toyota are now using advance firewall mechanisms to secure the vehicles.

Recently, the federal government has directed to embed the advance relay mechanism to connect vehicles to vehicles so that the messaging system between vehicles can be enabled to operate steering and brakes.

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