How to make yourself rich and successful


This method is unlikely to suit people who are lazy and lovers of freebies. But it perfectly helps the smart, conscientious, responsible, but at the same time living in a time of plenty, it seems. It is necessary to understand the objective conditions of the market and how people become rich and successful. It turns out that a lack of energy and determination is also a lack of character. The result of slavish devotion to a particular goal can be very different from what we imagine. After all, it is not easy to accumulate freebies, let alone create a whole society based on them. It all depends on how slavishly and destructively the consumer follows the rules of the market. It also depends on whether the consumer has any previous experience creating or managing such a large company. The desire to "get rich quick" often leads to a lack of sensitivity and business acumen. It also depends on the objective conditions under which the consumer operates his company.The first and most important condition for the creation of a successful company is that it must comply with the laws of the market. That is, if the company has a management structure, rules of the road, an ethical code and does not cause harm to others, it will be good. In our time, this has not been achieved many times. The situation is very serious. Millions of people depend on companies for their livelihood. It is quite possible that you, too, could lose your job because of a violation of the rules of the road. There are plenty of examples of people who have created a very successful company, but for some reason or other, because of their lack of business acumen and temperament, they have to compete with others for the consumers. It is quite possible that you will lose your job because of such a deficit, as carpenters, electricians, plumbers, electricians and related tradespeople are quite common in large companies. It is especially likely that you will lose your job because of the violation of the rules of hygiene and proper working conditions. We have no choice but to accept this fact. It is necessary to create a working environment in which workers can relax, do their job properly, and also because of the presence of children, it is necessary to provide them with necessary rest and relaxation. The absence of normal sleep and rest leads to the development of diseases. There are many reasons for the violation of normal sleep and rest. Some of them are: stress, tension, nervous exhaustion. In the event of such a violation, a person suddenly wakes up with a headache, comes down with a contagious disease, suffers from a panic attack, becomes easily agitated and swings between anger and indifference. Such a state of affairs cannot be allowed to remain for a long time. It is necessary to get back to sleep as soon as possible, take a walk in the fresh air, read a book, do